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“Beating your wife because you love her is not a crime to me” – Police commissioner


Newly appointed national police commissioner General Khehla Sitole has vowed to serve the country with honour and courage.

On Monday morning, Police Minister Fikile Mbalula presided over the ceremony to bestow the sword of command on Sitole.


When Mbalula presented Sitole with the sword as a sign of his new power and authority – those in attendance cheered and ululated.

“General Sitole, it is your responsibility as the national police commissioner to ensure the safety of the citizens and inhabitants of this republic…” Mbalula said.

Stamping the authority of the state “in an afford to bring back respect” and “taking back so-called no-go-areas in a bid to make the country safer”, are some of the first things the newly appointed national police commissioner, General Khehla Sitole, intends to do.

Sitole said there were many ways in which crime was manifesting and its aim was to undermine policing, thereby “suggesting that the authority of the state is not taken seriously”.

Sitole revealed he will first deal with major crimes affecting South Africa, and focus on other small crimes like women and child abuse later.

“My aim is to clean the Streets of our country. After I am done, there will be no drugs and gambling on our streets. When I am done, I will focus on the so not important crimes like women and child abuse.”He said.

Asked what he thinks of the sixteen days of Activism against Women and Children abuse in South Africa. Sitole said ” You know… I am an African man, I believe a man needs to discipline his wife and children from time to time, because that is a sign of love. But we live in a country where that is forbidden, so what can I say?”