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More officers caught sleeping on duty, Only criminals stay awake


In view of the wide spread insecurity and criminality going on in South Africa and the unpredictable nature of the election year drawing close, there is an urgent need to review and cleanse the police service. The unprofessional conduct of the police officers incurred the wrath of Banzi Nzimande who officially reported the matter at the police station.

On arrival, the complainant could not find anyone to help him at the front desk and went to the radio control room to see if there was anybody there.


He reportedly found four police officers, three women and a man, all asleep.

The station’s communications officer Captain Khanyisile Zwane confirmed the incident and told the press that  sleeping on duty as a police officer was an offence and punitive measures were in place to deal with it.

“Internal investigations have been conducted from today after the photos were submitted to management. The police officers will undergo a disciplinary hearing,” Zwane said.

She said this incident has dented the image of the SAPS.

“Given the crime rate we have in the province, community members will say the reason for the rise in crime is because police officers are sleeping on duty,” Zwane added.